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Series of Books: BDSM Training Series
« on: May 20, 2016, 06:35:29 PM »
My newest community writing project. The BDSM Training series will consist of several, probabily very long, books designed to teach newcomers to the community the basics. I'm not going to go into any major details at this point, but I will post a short synopsis of each book in the series shortly. For now I'll just list the proposed books in the series.
Books in This Series:
BDSM 101: A Newcomers Guide to the Fetish and Kink Lifestyles
BDSM 102: How to Be Good in Your Role as a Dominant or submissive
BDSM 103: A Guide to Negotiations, Rules, Protocols, and Contracts
BDSM 104: A Beginners Guide to Kinky Play
BDSM 105: A Beginners Guide to Edge Play
BDSM 106: Crafting Your Own Gear
Most of it is fairly self explanatory from the titles. But we intend to go rather in depth on all subjects. That being said, we only intend on going over the basics of any 'how to' instructions, and tell you to find a teacher for more on how to do things specifically. Excepting, of course, for the Crafting book, where we will fully detail how to make several common things, and even give ideas and suggestions for experimenting with new materials and making new things of your own design.
These books will be FREE for download. Donations will always be accepted, but the books are completely free. We want to share what we know, not profit from spewing words on a page. I'll charge you for private lessons, because that's my time and I want to know you are serious enough about learning that you are willing to pay for it. But these books? No, we are writing these for our House and to help the community. I can find no good reason to profit off of that.
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