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Forum Etiquette and Protocols
« on: February 18, 2016, 08:20:49 PM »
Welcome to The House of Graves Forums,

We have a few things to say on Etiquette and Protocol, most don't really need to be said, but we are going to say them anyway.

Be Respectful
Do not post replies to conversations that simply repeat what someone has already said in different words. Do not post rude or insulting comments to someone just because you disagree with them. Do not get in the middle of things that you have no place being in, such as strongly opinionated debates. Don't harass people, or continually send them private messages if they are not responding to you. Be nice and respect others and you would want them to respect you.

Be Honorable
Honor is the respect you give yourself. It is being moral, ethical, strong of conviction, courageous and brave in the face of adversity, and proud of ones choices. Don't react to things in highly emotional states. Be calm, or calm yourself first, and make choices as to what you do and say from a thoughtful position based not on your emotional reactions, but with forethought and respect, to others and yourself. A wise man once said: "It is better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."

Be Trusting and Worthy of Trust
Trust that the Administrators, Global Moderators, and board Moderators will deal with issues and problems promptly. And be worthy of our trust, and the trust of the other people here, that you will not be one of those issues or problems.

Be Loyal
Don't spread personal information around to other sites. If someone shares a story, real life or fiction, do not share it with the world without permission. And if you see that someone has done this, then please report it right a way so we can deal with it promptly. Be loyal to the others here, and they will be loyal to you.

Be Disciplined
Control yourself, use your mind and intellect to keep yourself in check. Follow the rules, even when you are angry and want to lash out. Find ways of being constructive, even when you want to destroy. Keep to your code, even when other break theirs.

These are "The 5 Keys" of the House of Graves. They are as important to us as our own life blood. They are not hard to follow, and following them all brings so much more to your life. But if you do not follow just one, then all of them will crumble around you. What you do in your personal life is up to you, but we ask that you follows these while here in out on-line House.

Thank you for taking your time to read through these Etiquettes and Protocols.
Please be sure to check out the post on Forum Rules as well before posting to the forums.
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