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Lord Master of the House of Graves: Master Vic Graves
« on: February 18, 2016, 09:52:07 PM »
Hello and Welcome to the House of Graves Forums,

I am your host, Master Vic Graves, the Lord Master of the Household. There is a ton of information out there about me, from our main website's 'About Us > The Founder of HoG' page, My Blog which can be accesses from our main website, and on my profile and writings there. So I won't waist a lot of time repeating these things here. So if you want to know about me in depth, Just go to those places and you will get more than you ever wanted to know. If, however, you have other questions for me, feel free to ask me. you can ask me things in messages on, here in Private Messages or even in replies to this post.

I will give some basics here though:
I am a 43 year old male (At the time I write this) Master.

I am happily Married to and Polyamorus with Lady D, Lady of the House of Graves. I'll note for newbies, Polyamorous does not mean Open Relationship, it means we are together in all things, but have love in our hearts to share with the right people. An Open Relationship is more like a, you do your thing with whoever you want and I'll do mine with whoever I want. We are not like that. We both have to agree on our partners, romantic or otherwise.

I am a Master, and I am interested in having slaves. That being said I am not just going to pick up anyone who comes a long and says they want to be my slave. Do not expect a romantic relationship right off the bat either. Right now there is only one slave I will ever love, and she isn't mine. If we happen to develop a romantic attachment over time of you being in my service, that's fine. But I will not ever fall in love with anyone again, without a previous friendship of some kind or a term of service to me first. My heart has been broken once too often to even consider allowing it to be broken again so easily. Besides, as I write this, I still can't stop loving her. I also have strong Daddy, and Primal Hunter sides. However, I am always a Master, first and foremost. Be careful waking my Primal side though. It doesn't like going back to sleep once you waken it.

As you can tell from the previous statement, I have strong and passionate emotions. My love, joy, and enthusiasm for life are very strong. However, so is my hate, wrath, and pain. So, a friendly word of advice: stay on my good side. When I am good, I am fantastic, when I am bad I'm even better, when I am enraged... run. Don't fuck with me, I will fuck back twice as hard, and not in a good way. Do not fuck with my friends, because I will fuck you up. Do not fuck with my family, Chosen Family, House/Leather Family, or Blood... because if you do, you will wish I only fucked you up. I am a good man, I can be your best friend, I might even be the best friend you have ever known... But I can be just as bad as an enemy. I am both sides of the coin together as one. Be good to me, and I will be fantastic to you. Be bad to me, and you will wish we never met. Simple as that.

What else? There is so much... I am a very deep and complicated person. Janus himself would have a hard time figuring me out completely. But if you want to know anything, ask away.
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