Greetings and Welcome

Greetings and Salutations –

I am Lady Diana – aka GothVixen (on aka Rose aka Diana. I answer to almost anything, but please be respectful. I am a Switch that is being mentored and trained by Master Vic (of House of Graves) to be a Dominant. If you are a Dominant you may call me Diana in casual circumstances or Lady D – Lady Diana in more formal ones. If you are submissive, Ma’am is fine, but in more formal situations Lady Diana would be preferred.

Being a newcomer to this community as well as a Domme in training, I am a little laid back and reserve my harsher side for private endeavors. My lessons are going slowly (due to living arrangements) and I don’t expect to own a slave of my own for a while yet. I do hope to work within the community as well as within The House of Graves to help educate, promote and protect those within (and outside) the lifestyle.

My history thus far is filled with many tragedies as well as accomplishments. On a daily basis I find myself discovering more and more that I am a Domme and not a submissive (as I first thought). I am a survivor (though I don’t really think that term is proper) of rape, poisoning, torture (not of the good kind), physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse. I suffer with PTSD and physical/mental disabilities that keep me from holding a job. Even though I hold an Associate of Applied Science in Accounting (cum lade), my disabilities are such that I cannot act on that to get a job. I enjoy learning and discovering new things and this upsets me to no end.

I have my soft side and am empathic so I am aware of many things about people before they confide in me. I am of Native American descent and practice my heritage, along with several others. I am very open-minded and will accept almost anything about anyone – except dishonesty.

My biggest fetish is HONESTY!

Thank you for reading this today and I hope that you will feel comfortable enough to leave a message. I am open to questions and welcome them. It’s not so much the questions I fear, but the answers!

Follow along with me and we’ll adventure into the unknown – hand in hand – heart and heart – learning all that life has to offer and creating a new adventure each day.

Thank you again and welcome to my world.

Lady Diana