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Parental Advisory Explicit Content
Parental Advisory Explicit Content


This blog Rated-X. And as such is intended for adults of at least 18 years of age or older. There will be discussions, images, and other items of adult nature that are not suitable for minors, the ‘old fashioned’, the highly religious, the overly self-important/self-righteous and highly opinionated, trolls, and those with weak and closed minds. It takes a high level of intelligence and maturity, well above the average levels, to view this site and understand the complexities here.

The Master/slave, Dominant/Submissive, Bondage, Sadomasochism, and other Fetish/Kink lifestyles discussed and imaged within is our way of life. It is not a fad or phase that we will grow out of. It is not a mental illness or other psychological defect that needs ‘fixing’ or ‘correcting’. We do not break the law, and we do turn those of our community in, when we find that they have done so. To us this is a fully immersive life of exploring the body, mind, and soul. It is a spiritual thing for us, and is not all about ‘the line between pleasure and pain’ and it is not solely about ‘sexual desires’ either. Although these things do play their part, and a fairly decent sized part at that, it is far more than this. It is about freedom, total power exchange, taking total control, giving total control, commanding and being commanded, power and helplessness, giving yourself totally and completely to another, and so much more… So if you are not 18 years old or more, are not mature and intelligent, are not open-minded, or simply are a troll, then leave now. We don’t want you or need you here.


The House of Graves and Lady D, take no responsibility for any minors that sneak into this site to see or read something ‘naughty’ or ‘pornographic”. As a parent or guardian, it is your responsibility to watch your children’s internet activity, not ours. It is your job to teach your children right from wrong, and to do as they are told, not ours. It is you who are raising your children, not me, and if they can not follow simple directions such as ‘do not go to adult websites’, then I can not see how it is my fault that they have come here. I did not raise them, I did not teach them, I did not set their rules, you did. If I had raised them, I would not be worried if they were here or not, because I would know they weren’t. I know this due to the fact that I would have raised them to follow the rules I set and to know right from wrong. I’m sorry you have two jobs, and both of you work, and whatever other reason you want to toss at me for not raising your child right, but that isn’t my problem or fault. Don’t blame me if your children aren’t following your rules. So I repeat: The House of Graves and Lord Master Vic Graves, take no responsibility for any minors that sneak into this site. I’ll train and teach my slaves, you train and teach your kids. Deal? I don’t care. Deal with it.


All Rights Reserved. Any and all information, including but not limited to; Text, images, photos, layouts, and other intellectual properties, are the sole property of The House of Graves and its members. No content, of any kind, on this site maybe used by anyone outside the membership of the household, for any reason, without express consent given by Lady D as well as any and all persons that are directly connected to said content. Except where otherwise noted. Failure to abide by this with result in full legal actions raised against the offender(s) under the laws of the United States of America referring to intellectual Properties and copyrights.

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