Greetings and Welcome

I would like to extend my warmest and most respectful appreciation to you for visiting my Blog.

How about a little information about me and an introduction to this blog? I am Lord Master Vic Graves, Head of Household (a.k.a. Lord Master) for The House of Graves.

What should you call me? Well, I am usually introduced as Master Vic or Master Graves. If you are a Dominant, you may simply call me Vic in casual situations, or Master Vic in More formal ones. If you are a submissive, I am not fond of the term Sir and only find it acceptable from one particular person,  I am not your Master, so please don’t call me just ‘Master’ either. If you are submissive, Mister Vic or Mister Graves, will do nicely in casual situations, or in more formal one Master Graves. The only people who ever call me Lord Master anything are members of my household, and even then only in formal situations. In extremely formal situations, such as a meeting of several houses where introductions will be required to be formally done, then the full title is acceptable as well.

Aside from all this protocol that makes me look a bit pompous, I am actually a fairly laid back and relaxed person. My ego is in check and I despise arrogance, particularly in myself, so I am not as arrogant as I may sound occasionally. I am both very strict and serious, or very loose and silly, depends on the situation and my mood. Some days I get down right goofy, other days might give you the impression I have a god complex.  But it all reality, I am just a pure form of chaos.

Unlike most who say ‘Yeah, I’m chaotic. Never know what I’m going to do next!’ I really am chaotic. Most who say this are just random, scattered, ADHD, or what have you. You can always predict that they will be a different person, and that isn’t chaos. While I, however, might stay the same in every way for a week, a month, maybe even a year or more. And then suddenly, for no reason, change. Maybe a lot, maybe a little, but always noticeable. Then maybe I stay that way for a random amount of time, then change again, right out of the blue. Sometimes, you can get so used to me, that you have everything ready for me every day for a month because I am “so predictable”. Then, without warning, I come in and don’t want any of it. I’ve changed again, and you are left wondering why. Well, I can’t answer that one, cause I don’t know either. It’s just the way I am. I will always keep you on your toes, that’s for sure. But that is real chaos, real unpredictability, the pure essence of the wild. You can’t predict me, don’t even try. All you can predict is that, sooner or later, though only the Divine knows when, I will change, somehow, in some way, to some degree. I’m sure you will see that in my posts here, eventually. And if you know me in person, you’ll see it sooner or later if you hang around long enough.

Welcome to the Blog of a Chaotic, Master, Sadist, Primal, Vampire, Daddy, with many fetish and kink interests. I have done my duty and warned you, it only gets deeper from here.

My next post will be a brief summery of me… Brief, heh… Let’s not lie shall we? I am a giant fucking windbag of verbosity. Nothing about me is ‘brief’ in any way, shape, or form. But it will be brief “for me” to write. Because trust me, when I get going strong, it is hard to stop me. Again, I have given you fair warning. Continue at your own risk. But if you do choose to continue reading my blog, thank you, I will do my best not to disappoint you and keep you entertained. I hope you enjoy all that is to come.

Until next time, I bid thee farewell.

Master Graves

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