Let Me… (A Master’s love for a slave)

Let me be thy desires,
as I take my desires from thee.
Let me be thy passion,
as I taketh my passions from thee.
Let me rule thee,
as thee shalt rule me.

Let me surround thee,
as I give thee my heart.
Let me bind thee,
as I give thee my mind.
Let me inside thee,
as I give thee my soul.

Let me lead thee,
and I shalt follow thy path.
Let me show thee the way,
as I find my way in thee.
Let me taketh thee further than thou hast ever gone,
as thee taketh me further than ever I knew I could go.

Let me command thee,
and I shalt obey.
Let me discipline thee,
and I shalt reward.
Let me own thee,
and I shalt be thy slave.

-Master Vic Graves ©2016, February 1, 10:00pm

(Inspired by the line “Let me own you, and I will be your slave” from the movie entitled “Labyrinth” by Dennis Lee & Jim Henson (Story); Terry Jones (Screenplay); A.C.H. Smith (Novelization).)

Dedicated to a very special woman in my life, who I one day hope to call mine, forever and always.

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