Menu and My writtings


I just wanted to make a note that I am on as GothicRemorse. Which it doesn’t take a lot of looking to find out… However I thought I importaint to note that I post writting over there. Some of it I will repost here, some of it I won’t. Likewise I will post somethings here that I won’t repost there.

You have to have an account on Fetlife, and be logged in, to view or see anything there. But it is free to join and see everything (except videos, which you have to subscribe to the site to see. However, I will repost any and all videos either here or on the House of Graves Gallery.)

Everything I write, however, will be in one or more of these places: Here on my Blog, over on, on the House of Graves main website, or on the House of Graves Forums/Gallery.

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