Taboo Tidewater

I’m Going!

If you want to meet up there, just look for the 6′ 1″ white (really white) guy with Long Brown (going grey) Hair and a mustache and long beard on my chin. I’ll be wearing a Black Leather Stetson, Black Leather Duster, Black Leather Harley Davidson Boots, Black Jeans, Black Button-Up Shirt… OK, probably not a greatest way to recognize me… I think I just described half the guys in the community… But this will be easier: Black Cane topped by a Skull with Horns and a Full Sized Black Riding Crop (well half-Crop/half-Cane) hanging from it; Black Leather Gloves with a Chainmail Half-Gauntlet on my right hand and 2 Full-Finger and 1 Thumb Armor Rings on my left. And the Grim Reaper Pendant Necklace I’ll be wearing. And, if you can see it under my coat, a large hip pack on my right hip.

Can’t miss me really. LOL See you there!

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Taboo Tidewater

“ Kinks, drinks, and play”

Date & Time: in about 20 hours Friday, February 26, 2016 · 9:00 PM – 3:00 AM  

Location: The Wave 4107 Colley Ave, Norfolk VA 23508   @ map

Cost: $8 at the door

Dress code: Fetish wear encouraged (within state ABC laws), formal, dress to impress!!!


Since the first event went so well we are pleased to host another event of this kind in the Hampton Roads area.

Friday February 26th, starting at 9pm @ the Wave nightclub in Norfolk VA we proudly present a high energy night filled with all of your fetish fantasies live!!!! This will be a kink friendly, high energy atmosphere, and a judgement free zone.

Scenes throughout the evening to include – Impact-Fire-Rope-Electric-Drag-Bondage

Silent auction- various fetish items will be auctioned during the night and all proceeds will be going directly to the YWCA battered women’s shelter. This is a great organization that was ecstatic the last time we reached out as a community and with everyone’s help we can make a difference!

Dress Code- Fetish attire is encouraged. Leather, latex, fishnets, sissy, furry, or whatever your kink is bring it on out! We have seen it all! This is a judgement free zone so dress in whatever you feel like but please remember keep it classy and within Virginia ABC laws(no genitals, nipples have to be covered with pasties and bottom portion of breast must be covered to meet laws)

Local vendors and crafters- this is something new we would like to try thus event. If you are a local crafter we would love to have you show off your skills and bring out some finished products that you would like to set out to sell. There is nothing better than supporting someone local!!!( if you would like to be a vendor please get ahold of shinydiscobalz and we will set you space aside)

Playspace- there will be various playspaces set up all evening so feel free to bring out all your kinky implements and have fun! We ask that you please be courteous of others scenes, clean up after yourselves, follow guidelines that will be posted, and must of all follow consent requirements.

The wave in Norfolk has been generous to open up their facility that evening so I encourage everyone to come out and enjoy meeting new kinksters and seeing old faces in the community! If you would like to volunteer please get ahold of StitchAsylum or Shinydiscobalz and we will be happy to direct you to a leader.

Please stay tuned to the event page as things may be added and hope to see another great turnout of kinksters in the tidewater area!

Group can be seen @

Profile can be seen @

Flier can be seen @

Shinydiscobalz & StitchAsylum

This is an 18 year and up event. Alcohol sales and consumption will be strictly monitored by the WAVE staff. With that being said party goers will be expected to act like respectful adults. Please show courtesy to others and enjoy your time you wish to spend.

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  1. / Master Graves
    This was such a good event. Lady Diana, Miss Aya, and I all had a wonderful time.

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