I’m writing a book!

That’s right! You have indeed read the title correctly! The great windbag known as Master Vic Graves is writing a book!

What kind of book? What’s it about? I hear you all ask… Well, Ill tell you.

Firstly it is Non-Fiction. True stories, fact based opinions and essays, and totally real. Secondly, look at where you are… This is MY Blog and I am a kinky fetishist who seems to talk about little else lately. So I bet you can guess it’s about the fetish/kink lifestyle. And what does a good author write about? What they know best, and I know two things really well: Fetishes and Kink, and myself and my life. So guess what it is about… That’s right, my experiences, the things I learned and the wisdom I gained.

I wanted to share what I learned and how I learned it with others. Maybe teach some folks a few things, from newbies to vets and all in between. So, no, I am not being egotistical with it. But the best way to teach is to teach what you know the way you know how. And seeing as I have a hard time standing in front of people and speaking, I thought a book would do the job nicely. I know how to write, and I know how to tell a story. So, here it is.

I’ve finished the intro and chapter one already. Only up to page 12, double spaced and manuscript formatted (so it isn’t as long as it sounds.) But without further ado, here it is, the grand announcement of the title of my book:

(A.K.A. The Life and Wisdom of Master Vic Graves)
by, Master Vic Graves

I don’t know how soon I will post any previews of what I have written, or how much I will preview before I finish it. I also don’t know if it will ever get officially published. But if not, I’ll make it available in PDF format at least, if not Epub and Mobi too. But I’d love to have a hardcover print copy myself. We’ll see.

I think I need to change that title… That sounds so bad and super egotistical doesn’t it? I don’t know, I’ll think on it later.

Wish me luck!

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