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What we do & hope to accomplish as a House/Family.

Mission & Goals:

Mission Statement:

To provide a safe and protective environment for Masters and slaves to live freely and openly. And to thrive in their lives together within their personal negotiated boundaries. To do all we can to better ourselves and those around us whom we hold in honor and respect, and to do all we can to better our community, both locally and worldwide.

To serve and protect our members and community by:

  • Being positive role-models to our members and the community.
  • Continuing to learn from those who are our role-models and we hold respect and honor for.
  • Educating others in that which we know and have the skill to teach, to those who wish to learn.
  • Mentoring, training and teaching those who require and request it.
  • Counseling and helping those with issues where we have the ability to do so and recomending professionals where we do not.
  • Inspiring others to better themselves and to be more than they are by our example and courage.

Household Goals:

To create an enduring house that will last and become greater and better as each generation passes through its gates. And to always be a family that is greater than the sum of its parts and continues beyond any single individual.

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