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-VG 2/14/16 8:00PM
Current news for the House & Local Community.

News: Lisa removed from the House

After she abandoned Master Graves in a time of his greatest need, she has been removed from the House. The key of Loyalty was broken. In my darkest hour she ran away from me. This was her action, not mine.

News: The Laws of The House of Graves: Posted

It is finally done. Likely one of, if not the, most importaint pages on this entire site. The Laws of the House have now been posted. Something I really should have done among the first pages I coded. I do appologize for the delay in getting these up.

You can find the page in the left Menu under the About Us section. Make sure you have a bit of time to read through them, it is a rather long page, but it isn't as bad as it looks. The page formatting gives only limited a limited width to post in, so it will appear much longer than it is - but it is still a bit long. Please take your time reading them and make sure you understand and agree to them.

News: New House Member: Knotty_Beth

Greetings and Welcome to our newest member of the house: Knotty_Beth.

Beth, Diana and I have been talking for a bit now, and met in person leaving with a great impression. After a day of talking I found it currious that she had not requested to join, and she promptly asked. After a few minutes of discussion, we agreed that Beth would make a wonderful addition to our house. And promptly, after a bit of messing around with suspense and teasing her, welcomed her to our house.

So with great pleasure I say: Welcome to the household Childer Beth, I know you will make a Great addition to our house and our family. ANd I am sure you will become Kith soon, unless I miss my guess... which I rarely do. :)

News: New House Member: Miss Aya

Greetings and Welcome to our newest member of the house: MissAya.

MissAya and I have been friends for many years now. We know each other very well, and respect each other completely. I have choosen to dispense with the formal petition for membership, as it is currently only Lady Diana and myself, and I invited MissAya to join us. I have also choosen, due to our long friendship and my deep knowledge of her, to make her a Kith from the start. No need for her to prove herself to the house as a Childer, as she has already done so, many times, to me personally.

Welcome to the household MissAya, I know you will make a wonderful addition to our house and our family.

The Website is almost finished. Still some rewriting to do, some graphics to change on on the Gallery, some sections to add, a few mods to add to the forum, gallery, and blogs... But it's done and ready for use now. Be patient though, we are still working on it.
-VG 3/1/16 1:00AM
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