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Information about The House of Graves.

About Us:

Crest Moto:
In servitium natus, renatus in dolor. Mori renasci.
Born into slavery, reborn in pain. To die, to be reborn.
This phrase is a direct, if brief, correlation to our house symbol. Signifying our continual rebirth each day as we grow, learn, and better ourselves.

House Symbol:
An ankh with, bat-like, clawing wings.
The ankh is a symbol of life, death, and rebirth. Essentially, it is a symbol of immortality. Throughout our lives we deal with many things, some tear us down while others build us up. Each time we better ourselves and come to new wisdom and understanding, the person we were yesterday dies and the person we are today is born anew. The bat-like wings are a symbol of our embracing our own lives and the lives of each other, an umbrella to shelter us, great wings to blanket us and keep us warm, and fangs and claws to protect us from harm. Bat-Ankh original art by Lord Master Vic Graves.

We are about continual growth and improving both ourselves and helping each other to improve. To continue to evolve and become better than we were the day before. To be free and open, yet safe and protected. To teach what we know to any who wish to learn, to better our community, and to be an example and inspiration to others. We honor and hold in great respect, the codes of the Old Guard and the leather traditions taught to us by our mentors.

Our household structure is based on a simple progression of family. From young to old, though not based on physical age or the length of time someone has been a member. Advancing through the ranks is as simple as following the house rules and protocols, which are fairly basic and simple, being a role-model for our members, and being a good example to the community. By honorably representing your house, and its members, in the community through your deeds and service to the community you will be granted new ranks.

There are five member positions within the house outside the 4 leadership positions:

Childer: New members under consideration for full membership in the house, cannot be granted resident status.

Kith: A full member of the household, and may be granted resident status.

Elder: Full members of the house, who have earned great respect and trust, with the ability to take on certain jobs for the household depending on their skills and abilities. (Such as treasurer, scribe, public relations, etc.) Always have resident status.

Patron/Matron: Highly respected and honored members of the house who have passed on from this life. Also for other highly respected and honored people within the community that the house wishes to honor the memory of for all time.

Honorary: For those people we highly honor and respect but are not members of our household. They have the rights and privileges of a full member of the house, and may, if required and are willing, hold jobs within the household as an Elder would.

There are two versions of members: Resident and Non-Resident.

Resident members: Are those with the support and unanimous vote of the leaders and Elders of the house, taking into account consideration of the opinions of the other members of the house. Resident members maybe granted free access to certain homes and places of meetings of their own accord without previous permission, as long as it follows the pre-set guidelines for those places and does not interfere with any other pre-planned events.

Non-Resident members: Are Childers, or Kith that have not yet been, or are still being, considered for residence. Also used as a position of probation for those previously granted resident status if they have broken the rules and protocols in a major way or too many times. Access to homes and places of meetings must always be preceded with permission from the house leaders and/or elders and the owner of said home or place of meeting.

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