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Information about The House of Graves.

The History of Our Household:

The House of Graves was originally founded in 1991 by Master Vic Graves. And dissolved in 1997, after 6 years, due to a large, unavoidable, drop in membership and Master Graves choice to leave the public community. With the flow of ethics and morality leaving the community mentality and becoming a more individualistic and completely personal, Master Graves felt a need to remove himself from a community he felt he could no longer help. Though he saw the merit in how things were heading, he also saw its flaws. The community had grown into a mentality of, what Master Graves refers to as OPP: Other People’s Problems. And he could not stand by seeing things that were blatantly and obviously wrong, and then being admonished for stepping up and attempting to do something about it – whether personally or by calling the authorities.

In January 2016, Master Graves had a major change happen in his life. As a result of that he decided to return to the community and shortly thereafter he chose to reestablish The House of Graves with his Wife, sub, and Major Domo, Lady Diana. To bring together a new family, and to help the community as he once did. And now, with the issues caused him during his time away in a vanilla life, he wants to be an example and inspiration to the community, of what they can all be, if they simply control their fears and fight their problems head on, instead of ignoring them or running away.

The Website is almost finished. Still some rewriting to do, some graphics to change on on the Gallery, some sections to add, a few mods to add to the forum, gallery, and blogs... But it's done and ready for use now. Be patient though, we are still working on it.
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