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Information about The House of Graves.

Our Founder: Lord Master Vic Graves

Since 1997, Master Graves had been out of the public community, and without a slave or sub either. He had gone to a complete vanilla life, and it damaged him badly. During the last 19 years, he had been burned by many people, in many different situations, places, for varied reasons, in friendships, love, and even family. He had grown fearful of strangers and strange places; he had grown overly cautious in who he chose to trust. By diagnosis, he was told he had developed a mild to moderate Xenophobia and accompanying Agoraphobia, along with stress control issues, social anxieties, and Moderate Adult ADHD. He was labeled as disabled and has been collecting disability ever since. His depression was severe, and his ability to function in public only diminished with time. Until one night in early January of 2016.

In November of 2015, Master Graves became close again with old high school friends. AS he reacquainted himself with them, he found they were in great need of help. With the government making mistakes, and an apartment complex they were to move into being irresponsible; they were forced to move into a very abusive environment that was very quickly tearing them apart mentally. They are not of our community, and were not able to cope with the abuse at all. They had spent every penny they had to avoid moving into this place, and in the end had no choice. One night, a few weeks later in January 2016, the abuse escalated to incredible levels, and Master Graves received a frantic call for help. He went out and got them, and personally put them up in a hotel for 2 nights. The apartment complex finally got it together and the apartment was ready for them to move in, but they did not have the money for the deposit any longer. Master Graves dug deep, and gave them every last free penny he had for the month to put the roof over their heads. Their gratitude was without end, and something changed in Master Graves.

At this moment, Master Graves changed. Something in him snapped and all he could do was ask himself "What the fuck are you doing to yourself asshole? This isn't you! You are the one in control, the man in charge, A MASTER! Not this pathetic, weak, fearful, hiding in your mama's skirt, pussy of a child!" And that's all it took. The anger at himself welled up and exploded in a rage of unadulterated fury in his mind. And he took his fear by the throat and dominated it. He would not be weak anymore, he found his strength again. Shortly thereafter, he joined under the screenname, GothicRemorse, and everything came back to him. He became the Master he once was, but now a better one with the experiences of his recent years. He understood more, saw more, recognized things easier and faster, and he was far more mature and wise. He became a true Master, not only over a slave, but over himself as well.

The Website is almost finished. Still some rewriting to do, some graphics to change on on the Gallery, some sections to add, a few mods to add to the forum, gallery, and blogs... But it's done and ready for use now. Be patient though, we are still working on it.
-VG 3/1/16 1:00AM
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