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Information about The House of Graves.

Our Membership:

Membership inquiries can be sent to Lord Master Vic Graves at:

Only serious inquiries will be entertained. Do not simply send a message saying nothing but "hi I want to join" or any other similar such brief comments. Tell us why you want to join, and what you think you can provide to our house to help us grow and support our community. If we like what you say, we will respond with additional information we would like and set up a time and place to meet you. If the meeting goes well, we will ask you to write out a formal petition to join our house which will be taken and considered by the leaders and other members of the house. From the time you meet with the house leaders until the end of the membership ritual you will be considered a childer of the house and expected to follow its rules and protocols. If we accept your petition, you will be introduced to all the members, and asked if any have any further objections to your joining. If not, you will be given a probationary period of time, of no less than 3 and no more than 6 months for evaluation. If all still agree to your request to join, the ritual of joining will be planned, after which you will become a Kith of the house.

Legend of terms used:
Under Consideration by [name]: This person is being considered by, and is considering, the person listed for ownership.
Owned by [name]: This person is owned and collared by the person listed.
slave (or submissive) of [name]: This person is owned and collared by the person listed.
In Service to [name]: This person is in service to, but not always owned by, the person listed.


Lord Master: Master Vic Graves {Resident} (Fetlife)
Lady of the House: Lady Diana Reardon {Resident} (Fetlife)
House Master/Mistress: (Vacant)
maiden/squire: (Vacant)


Knotty_beth (Fetlife)


(None at present)


(None at present)


(None at present)


Master Wes of the Holdings at Joyous Reach (Fetlife)
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